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Embedded Product Development

Embedded Product Development

Embedded product development refers to the process of designing, developing, and manufacturing electronic devices or systems that are specifically built to perform dedicated functions. These devices, known as embedded systems, are typically designed to control and monitor other devices or systems, often with real-time constraints and limited resources.

Embedded Product Design Services we do

Embedded product design services refer to the professional services provided by companies or individuals specializing in the design and development of embedded systems. These services cater to clients who require assistance in creating custom electronic devices or systems tailored to their specific needs. Here are some common embedded product design services:

Requirements Analysis:Design service providers work closely with clients to understand their requirements, goals, and constraints for the embedded product. This includes gathering functional specifications, performance targets, power consumption limits, size constraints, and other relevant factors.

System Architecture Design: Embedded design services involve defining the overall system architecture for the embedded product. This includes selecting appropriate hardware platforms, microcontrollers/microprocessors, sensors, and interfaces based on the client’s requirements. The design service provider helps in making informed decisions regarding the system’s functionality, scalability, and connectivity.

Hardware Design:Service providers assist in designing the electronic circuitry and PCB layout for the embedded system. They help select suitable components, ensure proper power management, and address considerations like signal integrity and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). Hardware design services may also involve prototyping, testing, and verification of the designed circuitry.


Graffitecs Embedded Product Design Services

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Firmware and Software Development

Embedded design services cover firmware and software development for the embedded system. Designers create the necessary firmware that controls the hardware and implements the desired functionality. This involves programming in languages like C/C++, assembly language, or utilizing development platforms specific to the chosen microcontroller or microprocessor. The service providers may also develop software for user interfaces, connectivity, or integration with other systems.
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Manufacturing Support

Some design service providers offer support during the manufacturing phase, providing assistance in creating the necessary manufacturing documentation, such as assembly instructions, BOM, and test procedures. They may also help in selecting suitable contract manufacturers or offer in-house manufacturing capabilities.
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Prototyping and Testing

Design service providers often offer prototyping services to build functional prototypes of the embedded product. Prototyping allows clients to evaluate and validate the design before proceeding to mass production. Additionally, design service providers conduct comprehensive testing to ensure the embedded system meets the specified requirements, including functional, performance, and reliability testing.
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Lifecycle Support and Maintenance

Embedded design services may extend to post-production support and maintenance of the embedded product. This includes addressing any issues or bugs that arise, providing software updates, and incorporating new features or enhancements based on client feedback.

Why Choose Graffitecs


Cost-Effective Services

By leveraging the latest technologies and efficient development methodologies, Graffitec offers cost-effective application modernization services that help you maximize your return on investment.
Comprehensive Support

Comprehensive Support

From initial planning to deployment and ongoing maintenance, Graffitec provides end-to-end services to ensure the success of your modernized applications.
Timely Delivery

Timely Delivery

Graffitec is committed to meeting deadlines and delivering projects on time, ensuring that your application modernization project runs smoothly and efficiently.

Multi-step process of Embedded Product Design

Embedded Product Design Services is a crucial step for businesses to stay competitive and meet the ever-evolving demands of their customers.


The first step in application modernization is to assess the existing system to identify areas that need improvement. This assessment helps to determine the scope of the project, including the challenges and opportunities that may arise.


Once the assessment is complete, the next step is to develop a detailed plan for modernization. This plan outlines the specific changes that need to be made, the timeline for the project, the resources required, and the overall objectives.


The architecture phase involves designing the new system architecture that will replace the existing system. This phase includes identifying the new technology stack, designing the data model, and defining the application’s overall structure.


The development phase involves building the new system using modern programming languages, frameworks, and tools. This phase includes coding, testing, and debugging the new system.


Once the new system is developed, the next step is to integrate it with existing systems and data sources. This step ensures that the new system can work seamlessly with the existing infrastructure.


The testing phase involves testing the new system to ensure that it meets the desired performance, functionality, and security requirements. This phase includes unit testing, integration testing, and system testing.


Once the new system is tested and approved, the next step is to deploy it in the production environment. This step involves installing the new system, configuring it, and ensuring that it works as intended.


The final step in application modernization is ongoing maintenance and support. This step involves monitoring the new system, resolving issues as they arise, and making updates and improvements to ensure that the system remains up-to-date and secure.

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