Graffitecs, A Life Beyond Screens

Our Story

Graffitecs is a multinational IT solutions company established in Dubai, UAE with the idea of gathering experts from all around the world and establish an exceptional team producing top quality products by implementing latest technology and applying artistic factors to shape our solutions. During last year's we formed our team by connecting the experts from UAE, Jordan, Egypt, India, Pakistan, Italy, USA, England, and Ukraine, acts as one great beautiful and innovate mind, to create attractive and reliable solutions. Even though Graffitecs believes that creativity should have no boundaries, no physical limits, no borders; Graffitecs deployed offices in UAE, Pakistan, and Jordan to be a connecting hub between our partners on the ground and our creative mind on the cloud.

Our Aim

Is to breakthrough innovation to deliver unparalleled services, and build a strong, long-lasting relationships with our partners, by counting on our experiences in IT services and solutions.

Exceeding Love

Our passion is to dive deep into your needs and illuminate the optimal solutions, reliable to mark your achievements. Finding our motivation to grow an exceptional solutions from ideas, thoughts, scratches and even whispers to witness the magical transformations of codes and digits into a life beyond screens.

The Path We Take

Progress in Graffitecs goes beyond merely applying the latest Innovations, Technologies, and Techniques. At Graffitecs; it's all about YOU, YOUR image, YOUR brand, YOUR customers, YOURprocess, products, and services. Helping partners to penetrate through clutter and stand out, we are reinforcing your singularity and identity leverage, diversification of channels, and presence in the marketplace.

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Fasten Your Seatbelts

No matter what your business is, your customers need a way to reach you, the way you communicate with your customer awards you a big leap ahead of competitors. Amaze them by your forward-thinking approach, It’s time to go back and make a true connection with your customers, make them loyal to your business, and a part of your world.

Take The Lead

Due to the diversification of experience working with our partners across all business sectors, our experts are ideally positioned to fit your work, and deliver rising productivity for a real return over your company’s investment. Our solutions will sponsor your plans toward your business for a sustainable success through strategic, functional and process transformation that enables you to improve performance, increase effectiveness, reduce costs, and enhance your market position.

Solutions Features

Scalable to grow

Growth is the nature of any business, along with this growth comes new ideas, needs, and desires. Our awareness of this fact drive us to develop a flexible and scalable solutions to handle future business plans.

Fully Customized

Tailored and optimized to perfectly fit your unique identity and business model, every small detail in the solution will be in line to server your business.


It gets tempting to throw in a million small features into an IT solution thinking it looks good, instead Figuring out the few basic things your Business needs and make it real with no complications.

Light and Fast

It’s very important to make sure that your solution isn't slow. We all tend to disregard slow technologies . and waiting for loading. It is crucial for us to create a solution. that maintain quality and provide the purpose it is created for.

Cross Platform

The variety of operating systems, are not an obstacle anymore you can reach there and anywhere, fully equipped. without compromising the quality of service provided to you and regardless to the devices used.

Supporting design

Creativity and innovate designs are required to attract eyes and make your solution has its own distinguish appealing, having all that is granted , with a touch of functionality from our experienced minds, your solution must for sure has the requirements you want and more.